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Review Your Estate Plan

Do you have an estate plan that is collecting dust because it hasn’t been reviewed in years?

Has the attorney that prepared your estate plan died, retired or changed careers?

Does your estate plan need to be updated because the agents you have named in the documents are no longer living or have moved out of the area?

Did you prepare your estate plan to protect your children when they were minors, but now your kids are adults?

We see each of these scenarios on a regular basis.  If left unchanged, some of these issues could cause headaches in administering your estate, or worse, the complete frustration of your estate plan.  Regular review of estate planning documents is important, but most people fail to review their estate plan with an attorney on a regular basis because they’re afraid of the cost. For a limited time, new clients of Andrews Scheuerle + Huss, PLLC can have their:

  • Last Will and Testament;
  • Durable Power of Attorney; and
  • Healthcare Power of Attorney / Patient Advocate Designation

reviewed by Kevin Huss for $150.00! New clients with a trust can have the trust agreement reviewed as well for an additional $50.00.

Each review includes:

  • A written summary of your estate planning documents, including:
    • List of the people you have trusted to carry out your estate plan;
    • Summary of disposition of assets upon death and/or disability; and
  • A 30-minute consultation with Kevin Huss to go over this summary and any questions you may have.

If, during the course of your review, needed changes to your estate planning documents are identified, Kevin will provide you with a flat-fee quote for preparing the necessary updates, and the review fees will be waived if you proceed with updating your documents with Kevin Huss.

If no updates are necessary, at least you will have peace of mind knowing that your estate planning documents are current and up to date.

Contact our office today at (231) 722-7766 or contact Kevin Huss directly to take advantage of this offer!