The attorneys of Andrews Scheuerle + Huss, PLLC have handled a number of appeals at all levels of Michigan courts. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to understand how to effectively and successfully appeal an unfavorable verdict or defend against your opponent’s appeal.

Appellate work requires a different approach than taking a case to trial. Our attorneys take the time to carefully analyze your appeal, to frame the legal issues in depth, and prepare very effective briefs for your appeal. Our attorneys know how to prepare appellate briefs and pleadings to succinctly and accurately identify the issues on appeal and persuade the appellate court to issue a favorable decision. We then use the limited amount of time available to make oral arguments on appeal to focus on the most important issues.

We often receive referrals from other attorneys to handle appeals – a great testament to our experience and success in this area. We regularly practice before the Court of Appeals of Michigan and the Michigan Supreme Court, and have had success for clients in a wide range of appellate issues.

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James R. Scheuerle. James R. Scheuerle

“The right to dissent is the only thing that makes life tolerable for a judge of an appellate court… the affairs of government could not be conducted by democratic standards without it.”William O. Douglas